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An Attitude of Gratitude

Even in January…. I am not a fan of January. I love December and Christmas is one of my favourite times of the year but then New Year rolls around and I am set adrift. I generally manage to find enough enthusiasm to sit up for the stroke of midnight but I’m never really quite…

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From a Flickering Candle to an Eternal Flame

Ten Steps to Using Positive Emotion to Keep the Light of Joy Burning in Your Life All emotion is positive emotion. When we are feeling something it is because we are alive. To be alive is a gift. This chance we have to be here now is one that is unique to each of us,…

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Light in the Darkness

January and February can be difficult months to navigate.  The twinkly sparkling lights of Christmas have gone along with the midwinter celebrations and we are thrown into two months of darkness thanks to shorter days; often with illness and exhaustion to contend with as well as the lack of light.  It can feel like forever…

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