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Would you love to have a team that is motivated and determined to bring the best of themselves to everything you hope to achieve together?

Have you worked hard to create a diverse team but struggle to help them find a way of working together towards the same aims?

Are you looking for a planning process that allows your team to move confidently into their next phase of growth as a unit ready to serve their community with purpose and passion?


This is an intensive two day workshop for creative leaders who are either leading teams in a creative endeavour or want to place creativity at the heart of their business planning.  Harnessing the power of story I guide you in an interactive discussion to recognise your team as a Creative Hero, understand its call to action and make a plan for achieving your team ambitions.

On the first day we work on gaining a deep understanding of each team member the team then pulls together on the second day to consider the heroic personality of their team and how they can grow in strength and impact.

DAY ONE: Understanding the Heroes in your Team

Who are the heroes in your team?

On the first day we undertake a strengths assessment for each member of the team and understand the Creative Hero they would like to grow into over the next phase of your development.

DAY TWO: The Team Creative Hero

Who is your team’s creative hero?

On the second day the team comes together to design a Creative Hero’s plan for the team as a whole.  During the day we will use a five step process to answer the following questions:

If the team were a hero:

  • Who would it be?
  • What would it be called to do? and
  • How would it grow and develop to serve its community?

1. Where are you now?

Key Elements:

  1. Your strengths – CAPP strengths analysis

2. Where do you grow from here?

Key Elements:

  1. Who is your creative hero?
  2. What is your call to action?

3. Three Wishes

Key Elements:

  1. Three Wishes
  2. Desired Outcome
  3. Internal Obstacles

4. Managing Limited Resources

Key Elements:

  1. Time
  2. Energy
  3. Money

5. Putting it Into Practice

Key Elements:

  1. Developing a plan of action
  2. Designing a hero’s practice.

How to work with me:

Contact me to find out more about your Creative Hero Team Workshop and let me tailor it to work for your team's story.

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