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Posts by Esther Wane

Corona Struggle

Denial I have not been doing so well with my response to the outbreak of the corona virus.  I didn’t want it to be true so spent some time, along with the government, in denial.  I told myself either that this wasn’t real, that somehow it didn’t apply to me or that I would just…

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World Book Day – Buy a costume or give a book?

Buy a costume or give a book? World Book Day is upon us again.  During their time in primary school this has meant me desperately scrabbling for a costume for my son or daughter, or both, to represent their favourite character in their favourite book, to wear for one day at school.  This is in…

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Creating Happiness …

Creativity is available to us in all areas of life, whether that is building a house, developing a business, designing an IT system or resolving a family dispute … my thoughts were published in The Energy Healing Magazine.

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My Life as an Audiobook Narrator

I sit in a padded box talking to myself in many different voices. Some call it madness, I call it a job. In 2013 I graduated from Drama School as a 40 year old mother of two, desperately wanting to make a new life for myself as an actor and writer, hopefully reaching the holy…

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