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Would you like to be the hero of your own life story?

Would you like a business planning process that keeps you connected to your own individual strengths, hopes and dreams?

Are you ready to take bold heroic action, however small, in the direction of your dreams?


The Creative Hero Workshop is an intensive one day workshop for creative artists, entrepreneurs and leaders looking to develop a plan of action that will take them from zero to hero.  If we are to move from where we are to our place of growth then we need a plan but many planning tools work on imposing discipline from the outside in.  This works the opposite way.  By being clear on who you are and how you want to grow into your creative hero you can create a plan that is a pleasure to put into practice.

Through the day we take the following five steps to create the map for the next part of your story.

1. Where are you now?

Key Elements:

  1. Your strengths – CAPP strengths analysis

2. Where do you grow from here?

Key Elements:

  1. Who is your creative hero?
  2. What is your call to action?

3. Three Wishes

Key Elements:

  1. Three Wishes
  2. Desired Outcome
  3. Internal Obstacles

4. Managing Limited Resources

Key Elements:

  1. Time
  2. Energy
  3. Money

5. Putting it Into Practice

Key Elements:

  1. Developing a plan of action
  2. Designing a hero’s practice.

How to work with me:

One to One:

Contact me to find out more about a VIP day for a Creative Hero Workshop tailored to you.


Contact me to find out more and join a waitlist for group Creative Hero Workshops (10-12 in a group)


Contact me to find out more and join a waitlist for online Creative Hero Workshops (Two 3 hour sessions)

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