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What Can Audiobooks Offer Actors?

Audio Narration

Who’d be an actor now? COVID-19 has been a grim time for actors.  Theatres across the world have closed, with no real certainty on when they may open up again.  Film and television sets have closed down and have only recently begun to re-open, with limitations imposed to control the spread of the virus. On…

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Corona Struggle

Denial I have not been doing so well with my response to the outbreak of the corona virus.  I didn’t want it to be true so spent some time, along with the government, in denial.  I told myself either that this wasn’t real, that somehow it didn’t apply to me or that I would just…

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World Book Day – Buy a costume or give a book?

Buy a costume or give a book? World Book Day is upon us again.  During their time in primary school this has meant me desperately scrabbling for a costume for my son or daughter, or both, to represent their favourite character in their favourite book, to wear for one day at school.  This is in…

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